Saturday, January 24, 2009

Australia Day Weekend 2009

Hubby & I will be staying on our boat for two nights.
If the fishing and crabbing are successful,
we will be on a seafood diet :-)
If not, we will be eating the chicken & salads I have prepared!

Happy Australia Day to all

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Rebounding for your health

I have been reading more and more benefits of rebounding. I am beginning to think I should have thrown more money at this idea rather than buying the cheapest rebounder I could find ;-)

So far I have been doing 5 mins of Health Bounce, 5 mins of Rebound Walking then another 5 mins of Health bounce each morning while I watch a segment on Sunrise. I usually time it so I catch the news and weather. The morning shows are great for exercising to as they have the time right there on the screen :-)

The Health Bounce is so easy….
Standing with your knees relaxed and feet slightly apart, hands on hips, bounce up and down without taking your feet off the trampoline surface.

Rebound Walking is easy too….
In the center of your rebounder begin a walking in place movement, moving your arms back and forth.

I am also doing 2 minutes of the Rebound Bounce whenever I feel the urge since I read this.....
It takes only two minutes of rebounding to flush the entire lymphatic system, while cleansing and strengthening cells and lymph nodes. A further benefit to the body is that during this brief time span the white blood cells of the immune system triple in number and remain elevated for an hour.
Click here to read the full article

According to N.A.S.A. rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging! Some of the benefits I've been reading about online include....

Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Provides a zero impact calorie blasting workout
Helps you breathe better with increased cardio-respiratory function
Promotes better bone health
Aids in cleansing the lymphatic system of toxins
Improves digestion and elimination of cellular waste
Help your skin look years younger without makeup
Relieves constipation
Strengthens immune system
Reduces stress
Improves posture
Can help reverse heart disease.
Increase your libido
Helps Arthritis
Anti-aging benefits
Improves vision
Diminishes varicose and spider veins
Strengthens muscles

It almost seems like whatever ailment you have, bouncing on a rebounder can help.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greening My Insides #6

The Green Your Insides Challenge is about greening your home, and paying attention to what you put on your body, in your body, and around your body.

Dermatitis Update....
I am happy to say "I am almost clear of dermatitis at the moment" :-)
My naturopath and I are both very impressed as we knew the holiday season would put a lot of temptation in front of me.

I was already avoiding sugar and dairy foods, and the testing we'd done before Christmas gave me a list of other things to try avoid....
Food: Corn, bakers yeast, egg yolk, lettuce, sweet potato, wheat & yogurt.
Environment: Cabmium, chromium, nickel, parasites & tin.

I found dairy, sugar and wheat the hardest to avoid as they are in so many yummy foods.

Most the time I was good, but there were times when I just couldn't resist.
I made up for the bad stuff by drinking more water ;-)

During every visit to the naturopath he has stressed the importance of drinking water.

We are on tank water here so we carried our own water for the trip to avoid the chemicals.... and the unpleasant taste in some town water supplies. When that ran out we bought containers of water and decanted it into our smaller bottles.

Since arriving home we have installed a Brita On Tap filter in the kitchen to avoid the parasites that can be associated with tank water.

How much water is enough? For me, it's around 1.8lts per day.
Click here to learn How Much Water Is Enough for you.

The next step in my life style change is exercise. The naturopath recommended getting a rebounder (mini trampoline) as it's much cheaper than a gym membership and it is gentler on the joints than pounding the pavement.

After reading the leaflet outlining benefits I realised this is going to help Green My Insides as it strengthens the cells by eliminating waste and increases blood flow, helps circulation, oxygenates the blood and brain.... and it's considered aerobic if I exercise more than 20 minutes.

So I picked up a rebounder this morning, then called past the naturopath to pick up an exercise sheet.

Meet my new friend....
Ok, that's enough exercise for today.... I'll get serious tomorrow ;-)

Have a great day.


Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm back :-)

Our Holiday....
Hubby and I usually go camping, boating & fishing with friends on a local island after Christmas, but the weather forecast wasn't good this year so we decided to go to Plan B, a road trip.
In the early hours of Boxing Day we got in the car and headed to Victoria to surprise visit my three sisters, one brother and their families as well as some old friends, in Melbourne, Geelong, Colac and Maffra.

It was lovely to catch up with everyone :-)

Here are some pics I took in one sister's garden....

Rainfall 24th Dec 08 to 9th Jan 09 ....
When we arrived home on 9th January there was 116mm in the rain gauge.
We'd had a good shower of rain Christmas Eve but I forgot to check the gauge Christmas Day so it is included in the above reading.

It's amazing what happens to a neglected veggie patch during two weeks of sun & rain!
I came home to weeds taller than veggies, over ripe corn and beans, lettuces that had gone to seed and pak choy full of bug holes.

Here's how the veggie patch looked when we arrived home.....

Bed 1 -

Bed 2 -

Bed 3 -

I have spent some time in the patch each day this week pulling weeds and plants that aren't salvagable. This morning I picked some ripe tomatoes and a capsicum.

Have a great day.