Thursday, April 16, 2009

Choko's Galore

I've picked 15 chokos from the vine so far and there's plenty more to come by the look of it....
Baby chokos are so cute! Here's one with the flower still attatched....

I found a recipe for Choko Salad on Belinda Moore's blog -
I've made the salad twice now, and it has been enjoyed by most who've tried it.

Just to show I'm not totally obsessed with chokos here's a baby watermelon.....

and some baby squash.....

This Red-necked Wallaby was feeding just outside the front fence this morning....

Have a great day.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Choko Vine update

Last October I posted this picture of the White Choko vine.....

It has really taken off and I had noticed it flowering recently, then last weekend I was shocked to see there was good sized fruit on it.....

This morning I picked these.....

Hubby loves them, but I find them a bit tasteless. I've only eaten green chokos.... maybe the white variety have more flavour?

I have been surprised how well this vine is growing as I have tried to grow green chokos many times without success.

If you have a favourite choko recipe, now would be a great time for you to share it with me :-)

Yesterday morning the feed tray was visited by a couple of Galahs.....

Have a happy and safe Easter break.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drowned Worms :-(

Worm Farm Lesson #1 - Always leave the tap open on a worm farm.

During the last 3 days we've had 218mm (over 8inches) of rain. Unfortunately it didn't even cross my mind that the worms might be drowning. And why should it, the collector tray is quite deep and has a centre mound... even the instruction manual says "It has been designed with a ‘mound’ in the centre so any worms that fall into this tray are able to climb back up. "
Lesson learned, don't believe everything you read! ;-)

After draining the tray, I left the tap open slightly and put a small watering can under it to catch any liquid fertilizer, and if it rains the watering can will overflow onto the ground!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Lamb's Fry, Bacon & Onion in Gravy with Mash....

With the weather cooling down a little this week it was time to cook a heartier meal than usual so I decided to make an old favourite.... ok, it's not everyone's favourite, but everyone in this household loves it :-)

Lamb's Fry, Bacon & Onion in Gravy

Slice up a good size onion and lightly fry in a little olive oil

Add some chopped up bacon (3-4 rashers with all fat trimmed off) and lightly fry

Set the onion and bacon aside.
Coat slices of lamb's fry with flour and fry briefly in batches. I turn the slices as soon as the blood starts to show, then set aside when the blood shows on the other side.

Add some Gravox (gravy mix) to the leftover flour and enough water to make a gravy.

Return the lambs fry, bacon and onion to the pan, cover and simmer gently for about 30 minutes.
If your frypan doesn't have a lid put it into a saucepan.
We love it served with mashed potato. You can serve with other vegetables if desired.

Leftovers are delicious on toast the next day.

I haven't included quantities as I just add what I have at the time.
If you need quantities do a Google search for Lambs Fry and you will find plenty of recipes.

Have a great day.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rainy day

Weather Forecast for Today:
Rain periods. Some moderate to heavy falls and local stream rises possible. Windy with fresh and gusty E to SE'ly winds.

I like how they say "rain periods". It hasn't let up since it started early this morning and it feels like it's set in for the day!

The view from our back deck on a rainy day...

Moon Planting: 27th March to 2 April - New Moon
During this phase I put in a new lot of mixed lettuce seedlings as the last lot were starting to go to seed.

April 3rd to 9th - First Quarter
Sow or transplant fruiting annuals and sow green manures. Apply liquid fertilisers.

If you prefer a daily guide to moon/zodiac planting, check out the April Moon Guide at Cosmic Gardening.

If you're wondering what veggies to plant in your part of Oz check out What to Grow in April at Aussie Organic Gardening.

Have a great day.