Friday, November 21, 2008

Birds, blooms, bugs.... and more rain!

20.5mm in the rain gauge this morning.

Once a year a few Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos visit the trees across the road. They only stay for one day but I always hear them as they crunch their way through the gum trees.
This photo isn't the best as it was taken from across the road. I daren't go any closer in case they fly away.

The gardenia is in full flower and is filling the air with it's delightful perfume.

Close up of a gardenia
The first agapanthus bud of the season is bursting open.

You would think with all the rain we've been having the bugs would be gone, but they seem to have doubled in number!

The 28-spotted ladybirds are happy feasting on my eggplant bushes
I am finding loads of grasshoppers on the beans, eggplant and broccoli.
This cabbage moth was resting on an eggplant bush....
and this lycid beetle was on a lettuce.
Still trying to determine whether he's a good bug or a bad bug!

And who is this tough looking fellow playing in my beans?
Off to do some research now!

Edit: It looks like it is a Pod-Sucking Bug (Riptortus serripes), also known as Brown Bean Bug. This explains why I found it on my beans!


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